RC Touring residencies / Participants: Armina Pilav, Karla Crnčević and Servet Cihangiroğlu

RC Touring residencies / Participants

dr. Armina Pilav, architect, researcher and lecturer
Karla Crnčević, film worker
Servet Cihangiroğlu, intermedia artist

Armina Pilav is a feminist, architect, researcher and lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, The University of Sheffield. She received the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship for her Un-war Space research (2016-2018) developed at the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment – TU Delft. Armina research, practice and teaching intersects and focuses on politics of re-presentation and re-production of physical, mediated space, bodily experiences in extreme conditions of the war destruction or other disaster condition. Armina uses cross-media tools, psychospatiality and radical observations to explore ecologies of transformations of rivers, land and related natural forms, architectures and society during and after the wartime. Her work explores and creates in the same time different processes and spaces as are archiving practices, transitional landscapes, impermanent organization of humans/non-humans within the post-traumatic landscape systems. She publishes in magazines and academic journals, exhibits regularly, and her recent research on destruction of Sarajevo, Mostar and inhabitant’s transformation of violence has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Architecture (2018), as part of the Architecture of Shame project in Matera in July 2019. Armina is a member of the Association for Culture and Art Crvena in Sarajevo.

Karla Crnčević was born in 1989 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She holds a MA in Film dramaturgy and BA in Comparative literature. From 2012, she intensively works as a film worker, mainly as Assistant Director, Production Assistant and Script Supervisor, on different type of productions for local and foreign film market. Worked as an Assistant Dramaturge/Dramaturge on Obrana Sokratova, d. T.Janežič, Dubrovačke ljetne igre 2013.; Živio Harms, d. A. Popovski, theatre Kerempuh, Zagreb 2014., My little corner of the world, d. Anica Tomić, Dramsko kazalište Gavella, Zagreb, 2014., Obustava radova / Nedovršeni, Montažstroj, 2015. She has produced videos and audio pieces for contemporary dance works (Šavovi, d. Mila Pavićević; Elegies of Lost and Found, d. Mila Pavicevic&Sergiu Matis). She works as a program coordinator, publication editor and producer on Film mutations: Festival of invisible cinema (Film-Protufilm) in Zagreb. Periodically she collaborates with Third program of Croatian Radio. Her poetry, film and theatre critic essays were published in couple magazines and web portals. In 2018, Croatian audio visual centar suported her long documentary The Escape Lines, on which she started collaboration with researcher Armina Pilav. Her first short movie Up the hill was shown on the opening of Vox Feminae festival in Zagreb, as ‘broken’ documentary. She is one of founders of the Unseen, experimental hybrid festival held in Cavtat, started in 2017, a festival which discusses different models of audio-visual representation in public space and occupying space by movie image and body performance creating unusual types of social choreography.

Servet Cihangiroğlu was born in 1985 in Şırnak, Eastern Anatolia where he completed primary, secondary and high school education. In 2014, Servet graduated at the Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department at Hacettepe University of Ankara. His work focuses on ephemeral documenting of the contemporary condition of the wars in Turkey while exploring his own experience and living in the complex and conflictual environments. In his practice, he uses multiple interactions of his body and body of others and different physical materials through performative relationships, photography, video, urban and domestic spaces. He exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and festivals, while his works are part of private collections. Servet also participates in art residencies and pedagogical projects crossing artistic and cultural fields where working with different age groups. Currently, he lives in Paris as artist in residency hosted by the I-team learning lab organized by Relais Culture Europe from Paris.