Border Horizon

Borders: The Mediterranean Sea, walls and a dream. A dreamlike landscape, the border as the horizon. A sea like movement. A landscape of the wall thickness, and so on…

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Transmigration#Malta, by OR poiesis

Malta, few notes on: stones holes walls endless curved lines of hand build walls, drilled, carved, cut out lime stone, myriad of now days small valleys is left behind, artificial holes shaping the landscape height of a wall transcends human height layers, sediments, slowly eroding, from solid to porous, from blocks to holes, until strong […]

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Borders, by Ale de la Puente

Cartographies, …drawing lines, dividing spaces, setting borders, lines, divisions and borders, space-borders and time-borders, Landscapes… natural borders, personal borders, political, social, cultural… borders. Imaginary lines, margins, edges, perimeters, frontiers. All borders, old ones, new ones. Building borders. Also doors, gates, windows, fences, …and names. In or out? Entrance or exit? Them or us? Here or […]

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Migrants…, by Ale de la Puente

Malta, April 2017 MIGRANTS …residents, common visitors, frequent migrants, rare and irregular visitors very common migrants, Common migrants, very scarce visitors, vagrants, common passage migrants, very rare visitors, rares, frequent visitors, scarce but annual visitors, …summer visitors frequent visitors and rare breeders, common winter visitors, very common winter visitors, frequent residents, migrants, formerly common residents […]

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