name: Voyage, voyage

As soon as our touring residence group arrived in Marseille, Simon Macuh started singing this French hit song, at least once every couple of hours. The song then followed me throughout the residency stay. At the beginning this rather charming tune was ok, but after a couple of days I have had it with the song and […]

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PARAdise TRANSmigration#Marseille by OR poiesis

  sail Mars sail come closer we are fed up   On a way to flamingos, written by Flamant Rouge Plastique  …  …  ))(” Pointe Paradis, Martigues pipelines (”’ Route du Port Pétrolier (”’ Pointe Paradis  ”’)  light brown silver waters, river Rhône ”’) river tanker, Port Saint Louis du Rhône (((”’ doors, winds (”’ fence, wind, shrubs (”'(”’ styrofoam box and the sea (”’  ”’)  train trip (”’ …  and finally, there […]

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