Artist: Udo Noll (GER)

Udo Noll was born 1966 in Hadamar/ Germany, he lives in Berlin and Cologne. He graduated as applied scientist for film, photography and media technology at the university of Cologne. Since then he works as an artist and media professional in numerous international projects and exhibitions. He’s also the founder of radio aporee, an open […]

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Artist: Petra Kapš (SLO)

  Petra Kapš (1975, Slovenia) is an artist, writer, curator, working as freelance author. In the field of sound, radio, book art and performative practices she works under the name of OR poiesis. She waves her work in between sound art, radio, poetry sonor, books, performance. Word, her core medium, she extends with sonic spheres of chrono-spatial […]

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Artists: Simon Macuh (SLO)

  Personal data: Born 08. 08. 1971 in Celje. Lives in Celje. Post adress: Simon Macuh, Cvetlična ulica 11, 3331, Nazarje Slovenia E-mail: Mobile phone: ++ 386 (0)31 801 757 Working fields: Simon Macuh is self-employed as sculptor and performer in culture since 2011. He works on many fields such as performance, sculpture, video […]

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Polimedia artist Vlado G. Repnik finished the studies of academic painter, theatre director and Master of Arts in Ljubljana. Through his creative principle called Intrusion of the Real, he cofounded Supramodernism in the 1980s. Over the last decade, his paradoxical manifestations have been drawing attention to the elusive areas of film and serial actions (How […]

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Bio Ale de la Puente: Artist with studies in Industrial Design, goldsmith, boatbuilding and navigation. Her practice goes from artist deals with notions of time-space and memory through a continuous construction of poetic relations between experiences given by space and time. Her practice combine conceptualism and multimedia supports, technology and science. De la Puente diverse background […]

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