Transmigration#Malta, by OR poiesis

Malta, few notes on:


endless curved lines of hand build walls, drilled, carved, cut out lime stone, myriad of now days small valleys is left behind, artificial holes shaping the landscape

height of a wall transcends human height

layers, sediments, slowly eroding, from solid to porous, from blocks to holes, until strong winds …
material memory, platforms of transformations


water, the sea

words, transmigrating, ears channeling, tongue modifying, creating most suitable forms for the context (bodies in landscape, along the waters, build-up environments etc.)

sketch_void voices (thanks to Udo Noll for wind in grainfield )

LISTEN, give an ear to selected sound fragment (click the red button of radio aporee)     // stone, hole, the sea: abri, Triq Santu Rokku, Kalkara, Malta         // bunker, iron doors, 1 st floor, walk around, sand: seashore bunker, Smartcity, Malta      // walking the fountain ( empty at that time, migrant workers doing their job, just before another season starts): Smartcity, Malta         //white emptiness, few words, walk downside up (the hole, empty space, what stays behind after material migrates ): bottom of a quarry, Ta’Zuta quarry, Siġġiewi      //night walk, stony streetsIl-Ħerba, Żejtun                // sweet water collector, stone, deep humabove Delimara power station, Marsaxlokk       // holes, stone holes, another holes (holes contain sense of a space (also time, material time)Hagar Qim Temples Qrendi        Mnajdra Temples Qrendi       Ggantija Temples, Gozo        Tarxien Temples         // winds, rain, inner voices … ephemeral touching seashore wire fences: Triq Santu Rokku, Kalkara          Smartcity, Kalkara          Bengħajsa, Birżebbuġa      // the seacove, Wied Ix-Xaqqa, Birżebbuġa             freeport, Birżebbuġa         pier, Delimara, Marsaxlokk              below Malta film studio, concrete pool         palimpsest seashore, Triq Santu Rokku                palimpsest seashore               plastic waste, Triq Santu Rokku                violet hole      …


watery void

»Rivers and seas capture voices, archive and transmit them. Imaginable watery void – blank field of humid nothing – is getting more and more potent, filled with the end of the world for many. Water is one of basic routs of today (and past) migrations of people. The way is not secure, never was, not for human being. What do we hear, when we closely listen to the water? Anywhere (walls doesn’t function with water, transmission goes up, down, around and through). Starting point for me would be to think about the concept of transmigration and to work with acoustic modalites of rivers and sea, to go in-depth with premonition, rapture, auditory hallucination and deep time of incarnated memory of the body. Poetic text will be altered in perspective to avoid semiotic layers of language and to concentrate on other potential qualities of spoken language (esp. phonetic aspect) – the flow of words« … Conceptual sketch for Risk Change, touring residency, by OR poiesis (alias Petra Kapš)