Nataša Berk…………………………………………………….from BUDA to PEST & from PEST to BUDA

I found out that people living on the right side of the Danube – BUDA, almost never go to PEST. And people living in PEST don t go often or never to BUDA. I thought that was funny and sad at the same time. BUDA and PEST are very beautiful and photogenic, but you can clearly feel the political situation of the city/country. As a group, we decided to work together on this political issue.

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Our residency apartment was on BUDA side, very near by the Liberty Bridge (Szabadzád híd).


The time when we as a group did not follow our group thinking and group project, everyone had their free time for themselves and their ideas and thoughts about the city.

As a smoker, I enjoyed the balcony we had and watched all the movements around me while I stood or sat still.

Once I started catching the taxi cabs with the phone camera. They were always in motion and on the way from BUDA to PEST and from PEST to BUDA. Same with Trams and all transport versions, so i catch them too.

i have made a photo series.

And by the end of the residency i have also made postcards which never find its way or goal. Please, dont ask why!