no connection – notes on transformation of violence_day 1


…our arrival to Rijeka crosses with the journey of the Slavija boat from Jadrolinija shipping company that started from Dubrovnik to Rijeka on 14_11_1991, filled with internally displaced people from Yugoslavian war. The escape journey took five days instead of one day because the boat was diverted to the port of the small coastal town Zelenika in Montenegro. The regular transport capacity of this boat was 900 people, but it was filled with more than 4000 people. During the trip two babies were born and one man died. Slavija stopped to sail on the Adriatic Sea in 2010, and was cut out in pieces and probably sold as old iron in Turkey…

…caption of the Slavia boat from the internet…

armina, karla, servet from čardak/çardak

no connection lexicon

1_čardak / çardak

…stands for our way of living an impermanent life in the impermanent space during the residency traveling…the word originates from the ottoman empire as the border control object close to the rivers, cross roads, on the edges of the cities and strategic borders..word carries the historical representation of the watch tower… the watch towers were located on the analogue distance on the borders between ottoman and other territories…the guards in the watch towers were able to communicate using light or sound analogue signals with aim to announce the danger…in our view the word čardak spatial and material characteristics are subject to change according to the different territories…in rural regions between croatia and serbia, čardak was made and use to store yellow gold – the corn- from the agricultural is also name for the traditional stone and wooden house for hosting the people in the šumadija region in serbia…in Turkey, çardak, bahçe ve avlularda yaz aylarında vakit geçirmek amacıyla inşa edilen, zemini yerden hafif yüksek, üstü genelde örtülü, yanlardan açık, en az dört ayaktan/sütundan oluşan basit yapı.

…in the conflict geographies contemporary čardak are the numerous check point between the israel and palestine, the drones flying over the us and mexico border to control and stop migration to the us, thermal night vision cameras on the several borders on the Balkan route, as on the slovenian and croatian borders to control and stop migration to EUropean union…only to mention few transformations..

..forming our own čardak / çardak to host ourselves and to live together, but also to host the “others” and their knowledge about impermanent life is an attempt to form the impermanent society aware of transitional geographies while inhabiting them that are opposing to the fascist order of belonging to the nation-state constructs and continuous reproduction of violence and war with all possible means shifting between weapons, military industry, migration laws, capitalism and patriarchal abuse of nature and humans.