PARAdise TRANSmigration#Marseille by OR poiesis


sail Mars sail
come closer
we are fed up
  On a way to flamingos, written by Flamant Rouge Plastique
 and finally, there they were, as seen from a bus window, contemporary paradise and hell, close, as always …

 ”letat nous observe crevons lui les yeux!

sea flux, Espl. du Pharo (())))())))(( sea flux, sailors voices du Marseille ()))()(((( abandoned shipyard  (())(( rusted pillars )))()((())(((( carrier metal tube resonance )))((())(()) left alone ship, broken wire, dried sea grass ))()(((( wooden ship, hard to find metal parts, some are still there, cat visitor )(((())(()))(( evening sea soundscape )))()(((( Fort St Jean, sea flux, gunshots ))(() l’OR, Villa Méditerranée, voices between water and concrete ceiling (()((()(()(((  sea murmurs  ))()(()((( man on phone ))(((((()((( golden statues )((()((()( iron doors, Planetarium ))((()(()(((((()((()((( metal doors with old surveillance camera signs ((()((()()(( skateboard platform, fence ()((()(()(  trampoline )(()()(( wind and shutters ))(()((( sea wall ((()(()(((( metal rod (()(((( Plage de Bonneveine, sea side sound walk ))((((((( Plage de la Batterie, walk on sand, before/after the rain )((()()()( Plage du Fortin, afternoon ephemerals, the sea )()()()((((  toilettes, temporary rain shelter )((()(((( Corbiere, sea wall )()((()()(