Polimedia artist Vlado G. Repnik finished the studies of academic painter, theatre director and Master of Arts in Ljubljana.

Through his creative principle called Intrusion of the Real, he cofounded Supramodernism in the 1980s. Over the last decade, his paradoxical manifestations have been drawing attention to the elusive areas of film and serial actions (How far Can We Talk), automatic performance (Luftballett), comments on media (Evergreen), global interventions (Blank Protest) and other polimedia performances (Also sprach Cage, Nein, White Goods Black Magic etc).

His projects are focused on the topography of light, emptiness and the fragility of actual social reality. From time to time, he gives lectures at different art institutions. His work has been presented at some local and some international festivals, publications and exhibitions, mainly in Europe (Amadora, Athens, Avignon, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Graz, Lisabon, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Maribor, Maubeuge, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, Tallinn, Tokyo, Vienna, Zagreb).


You can follow Vlado Repnik’s ARTBLOG from Zejtun, Malta, here.