Artists: Simon Macuh (SLO)


Personal data:

Born 08. 08. 1971 in Celje.
Lives in Celje.
Post adress: Simon Macuh, Cvetlična ulica 11, 3331, Nazarje Slovenia
Mobile phone: ++ 386 (0)31 801 757

Working fields:

Simon Macuh is self-employed as sculptor and performer in culture since 2011. He works on many fields such as performance, sculpture, video and interaction between practice and theory. Formally and as the content he researches social relations in the way that he interacts with many societies or he joins with groups or individuals. This process can be perceived as building of the social sculpture that occasionally manifests itself in public or private spaces. Merging of life and work in this manner he describes in various media. He would usually experiment wit this media too.

So far he was member of several temporary or permanent artistic groups. Among those permanent is group SIVA, where he works together with Iva Tratnik in Andreja Džakušič. Members of SIVA are asking themselves about the phenomenons of every-day’s life. He is also a member of group of artists who are regularly performing public readings.

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