PARAdise TRANSmigration#Marseille by OR poiesis

  sail Mars sail come closer we are fed up   On a way to flamingos, written by Flamant Rouge Plastique  …  …  ))(” Pointe Paradis, Martigues pipelines (”’ Route du Port Pétrolier (”’ Pointe Paradis  ”’)  light brown silver waters, river Rhône ”’) river tanker, Port Saint Louis du Rhône (((”’ doors, winds (”’ fence, wind, shrubs (”'(”’ styrofoam box and the sea (”’  ”’)  train trip (”’ …  and finally, there […]

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FUCK the POVvERty transmigration# Novi Sad by OR poiesis

three bridges cassette bombs sunflower seeds, quince and cigarettes on the tables dreamers, lovers, listeners (click the links below to hear the sound fragments, recorded while in Novi Sad, listen to poetry sonor of the moment) (())))((()(((())((( getting dark ((()))))((((((( two sleepers ()(((()(())((())) man on the stairs, with tamburitza, rainy afternoon ((()))))))((((()(() yellow plastic bag, moved […]

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Transmigration#Malta, by OR poiesis

Malta, few notes on: stones holes walls endless curved lines of hand build walls, drilled, carved, cut out lime stone, myriad of now days small valleys is left behind, artificial holes shaping the landscape height of a wall transcends human height layers, sediments, slowly eroding, from solid to porous, from blocks to holes, until strong […]

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