Artist: Martina Zelenika MOON

Sound art residency – project RISK CHANGE, Novi Sad (Serbia), 2017

APPEAL is a project which I was developed during this short residency stay.
The concept of APPEAL consists of four haiku poems written using TAB_LETTER musical elements or musical notes (TAB_LETTER Project), which can be played on any kind of musical instrument. The other part is a written review in the form of an open critique addressing the organizer of the exhibition MIG21 (a part of the project RISK CHANGE) –which is a personal statement from a different point of view.
The final idea for the RISK CHANGE Sound Art Residency was to collect statements related to the topic of migration from all the artists involved in this residency project, and produce a catalog as the result.

catalog-web-Artists in Residency-NOVI SAD-RC-2017



(1st) haiku poem

Risk Change


What does it mean?

(2nd) haiku poem

Believe in love

Look at the sun.


(3th) haiku poem


Sound travels endlessly,

birds and seasons.

This is all fake!

(4th) haiku poem

Don’t be a fool.

Your home

cherish your roots.

Go back


Author: MOON, 2017



You who create such exhibitions and prostitute art under the human pretenses of politics, you are giving rein to a monstrous system of economic manipulation.
Why are you doing this? Why are you using Art for the purpose of false empathy?

Blah blah blah
Africa is miserable and has fallen.
As all these people migrate from Africa to Europe, brainwashed, their heads now filled with a dream of Europe, someone else is getting filthy rich. Water, oil, ore, gold … they’re stealing from you. From all of us.
Stop manipulation and this kind of migration.
Let’s open our eyes.
It only takes a whisper.
It is nice.


The interdisciplinary artist MOON aka Martina Zelenika, uses innovative methods to embody her artistic works. She links spirituality with technology, analogue media with the most up to date digital technologies and tests out communication areas. Her research is looking at communication fields, sound visualization and meta-language. In recent times artist MOON is most interested in the visualization of universal sound through the point of departure of analogue drawing. Universality, cosmology, geo-philosophy and being are the main areas of her interest. Artist MOON challenges time and space through science and spirituality. Her art makes a subtle impact on human awareness and individual self-recognition by considering an all incorporating image of the world where we exist.

Martina Zelenika MOON graduated in 2001 at the Graphic – printmaking Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and took a master’s in 2006 in the area of Video and New-Media at the Academy of Visual Art and Design of Ljubljana University. She has had several art residences abroad, and has exhibited, solo and collectively, in Ljubljana, Maribor, Milan, Belgrade, London, Zagreb, Brusseles, etc. She has been awarded several well-regarded grants and scholarships. MOON Studio is based in Zagreb Croatia.

Selected projects:
Tab_Letter (innovative concept with minimalistic musical letters); New Europe (a scientific art project – the sounds of a mineral stones); Meta_Signal Sonar System (visualization of universal sound, sublimation of intuition, analogue drawing and digital sound) Architecture of the Universe (photo collages); Imprints outside the rules (large drawings of crater, ink on paper)