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NAME: is an artist who through various photographic approaches and other artistic practices investigates the subculture of graffiti and the broader cultural environment. In his works he considers the relationship between legal and illegal graffiti acts, the (concealed) identity of the graffiti artists and the processes of the art system, which in recent years more massive than before in their environment include graffiti and often without thinking transmitted it from the primary environment in the institution. It is this phenomenon artist rise to the formal and substantive links between the dissemination of documentary photography (when recording graffiti) and processes or ways of presenting graffiti in galleries. Graffiti and photography are linked from the very beginnings of graffiti making – this medium allows recording and documentation of graffiti achievements. Both photo and graffiti are in the works of NAME: always subject to formal and substantive reconstruction and the artist’s unconventional ideas. 

NAME: was born in EUROPE (0000), where he finished high school for design and photography. After high school he completed foundation year at Collage in London. Later on he studied Visual Communications at Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He received a master Brumen Award, Zlato Gnezdo award, second prize for EMZIN photography of the year and was shortlisted for the EMZINE photography of the year. photo. His work Miha Artnak: childhood pattern is included in the archives of the International Centre of Graphic Arts (ICGA, Ljubljana). He has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad: Festival Plakat Ljubljana, shortlist, Ljubljana, ; The image of the book, Warsaw, Ljubljana; Photography of the year EMZIN, shortlist, Ljubljana; Biennale of visual communications Slovenia (Brumen), Ljubljana, ; Fotoobjekti, Novo Mesto,; Month of Design, Ljubljana, and; 1107 Clan: Count down the pieces, Prague,; Urban Art @ Aldringen, Luxembourg;Collaboration with SEEKER Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art (MG+MSUM, Ljubljana) , Photography of the year EMZIN 2014, 2nd prize, Ljubljana; “FOTOPUB” Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto, Group exhibition APERITIVO Gallery: Fer de Lance in Lausanne (Switzerland) Group exhibitions of Slovenian authors of a new generation. GT22 (Maribor) , instalation for exibition TRIBUNA LEP CASOPIS (2009-2015) in front of Museum of Modern Art (MG+MSUM, Ljubljana), Nothing is forever (MAO), Pavilion (MSUM-Prepih).

He is a member of fotopub organization team. He lives and works in Europe.