GOLD transMIGRATION#Budapest by OR poiesis

washed walls, erased public surfaces

Danube river was very low at the time … while walking along the river bank one soon  realises there should be another Doors to Paradise built right there
below the Parliament of Hungarian State
so here they are now, the Doors to Paradise, on the east side of Danube
river wall
conquered with pure gold
or …
as Cortés said to the natives of another Empire from the New World’s:
We … know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure.

by the golden doors (00)((()((()(0)()(()))) river, waves, echoings voices  )))()()((()(00()()(00 walking, low river waters )()((()()((((0000))) below Parliament building, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3, Budapest (() harsh wind, lapping waves ((()(((()0) pedestrians tunnel )))))(00)()))()((() Danube ))()((()(0)()((()(( Szabadság híd, metal bridge, contact )))))())(((0()0()()()0) underground, Budapest: subway station, somewhere … waiting ())(()(0)((  room, at night (()))()((((()(()(000